Little Black Heart

from by The Aye-Ayes

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How long can this one last?
Got bad news from the past
Feels like it's lasted all my life
Little black heart on my sleeve
Little black heart always beats
Little black heart's gonna make somebody bleed

Sometimes two's a crowd, but baby, sometimes one's a crowd
Part of me will never be alone
Could've been a better man, we'll never know for sure
But my little black heart is yours

Pretty girl, better take it slow
Pretty girl, it's worse than you know
Pretty girl better hold on to your pride
Remember one who met your eye?
Must've been another guy
Door is closed, window dark, won't get no reply

Put him on a carton and expect a slim reward
Lost and never to return
Gotta see you're stuck with me, it's less than you deserve
Cause my little black heart is yours

What's mine is yours
And all that's yours is mine

Take a little love and then
Little black heart strikes again
When you're lying in your sleep
It's the company I keep
When I try to shut it down
Little black heart starts to pound

Kid, you got starry eyes
I got a little black heart and a backwards mind
I got a little black heart and a backwards mind
Got a little black heart and a backwards mind

Talk about resistance as if I don't know the score
Lacking something in the blood
And all this time I've tried and tried and never found a cure
So my little black heart is yours


from It's Immediate, released October 6, 2011


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


The Aye-Ayes New York, New York

Matt's on drums, Nate's on bass, Pete's on guitar, Mike's also on guitar

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